How to Find, Meet & Convince the Right People to say "YES" to your Real Estate Deals


Deliver the perfect property investment presentation to potential real estate joint venture partners with cash and raise private financing so you can buy more properties to create passive monthly income

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About the Publisher

Engaged Investor is owned and operated by Joey Ragona who has been investing in real estate full time since 2007.

Joey is also an Amazon Bestselling author, real estate investor business coach and has been running businesses as a serial entrepreneur since 1984.

So there’s no fluff here.  What Joey is using is what is delivered in all the programs offered.

Once he figures out what works, he documents and creates training for his coaching clients and makes sure anyone can repeat the success using the step-by-step methods.

property investment presentation
property investment presentation
Get STARTED today - here is what you get inside the Real Estate Joint Venture Presentation Formula:
  • 6 Core Modules with 29 training videos that walk you through the entire real estate joint venture proposal process.
  • A proven and persuasive template for designing the perfect real estate joint venture elevator pitch, that, when used will DOUBLE your JV prospects.
  • Step-by-Step breakdown of how to structure your real estate joint venture proposal to adapt to each of the 4 personality & buyer styles you will meet.
  • A complete walkthrough of how to deliver your real estate joint venture proposal from the first meeting to the last.
  • Access to our list of the 16-most-common questions your real estate joint venture prospect will ask and how to answer them.
  • A complete 'value' breakdown to prove you're worth [X] percent in the deal to your real estate joint venture investor.

PLUS These Gifts:

  • GIFT #1 - Real Estate Joint Venture Agreement Template Package includes simple and advanced joint venture agreement samples, Letter of Intent, etc (value $2,200)
  • GIFT #2 - Tested and proven fill-in-the-blank real estate joint venture powerpoint templates.
  • GIFT #3 - Our personal collection of Real Estate Joint Venture questionnaires to help you filter out the time wasters..
  • GIFT #4 - Our personal Real Estate joint venture property analyzer and proformavto show your prospects all the details of the deal.

Your are protected by our 100% money back guarantee

The easy-to-follow breakthrough  “Joint Venture Presentation Formula” is loaded with relevant up-to-date helpful information on finding private money investors for real estate deals.

But it’s MORE than just a ‘How-To’ for getting real estate joint venture partners.

You will be handed details about speaking to people ( which is half the battle) , marketing, how to build and deliver your real estate investment pitch presentation and qualifying prospective joint venture real estate partners.

Inside, you’ll come to understand why so many investors feel trapped and not getting anywhere when the only strategy they have is to ask random people for money.

The “Joint Venture Presentation Formula” is the real estate investment pitch book and proposal sample you’ve been waiting for.

You will avoid costly time wasting mistakes as each step builds on the last; which helps you reach the next level and give you more confidence about having the right information to pitch to a real estate jv.

The Real Estate Joint Venture Presentation Formula will:

  • lay down the "road map" to find private money for real estate
  • guide you through each step of the real estate joint venture partner pitch process
  • point out how to avoid making costly, time wasting mistakes
  • help you feel more confident about having the right information to pitch to a real estate joint venture partner
  • identify the 4 people styles and how to CLOSE each of them
  • help with your focus on the end goal for personal freedom

Have A Question?

How quickly will I get my joint venture partners?

That really depends on you. We're not here to sell you false promises and high hopes with a program that declares if you memorize scripts or follow these 10 steps, you'll have a joint venture partner in 49 days. You could find someone sooner, or it may take you longer. It comes down to the effort you put in and how you employ the templates and frameworks inside. Just be aware that we're not claiming the holy grail of finding joint venture partners like many of the training out there. We're here to teach you frameworks and give you templates so you can make it fit to YOUR style and business model.

Will it teach me how to structure my joint ventures?

Yes and no. This training program is specifically built for investors who want to morally persuade and influence people to invest with focuses on the presentation and the psychology behind it. We do touch briefly on how to structure your joint venture, however there are more in-depth books on the market that will teach that side of joint ventures. We just wanted to concentrate on the challenge of presenting to people.

How long do I have access to the course?

LIFETIME. In short, as long as you are a paid member in good standing, your access will never be provoked. When you buy the "Real Estate Joint Venture Presentation Formula" today, you will have access to all future and updated training modules.

Is this the same stuff I've learned at workshops & seminars?

Definitely not. Of course, there are "standards" that we will revisit, but for the most part, the "Real Estate Joint Venture Presentation Formula" is built on new world strategies and procedures taking best practices from other industries and applying it to our real estate investing world. Would you rather sit in seminar rooms learning the same, old, tired stuff that may have worked in 2006, or learn how to talk to people in today's economy and environment?

Find More Real Estate Joint Venture Partners.  Buy More Properties. Your Freedom is Waiting.